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I’ve been working on the Java landscape since 2.002, if I recall correctly, and since 2.012 outside IT consulting (for an IT consultant I guess I would be “the customer”), on the Quality Assurance landscape. Instead of creating a product or offer a consulting service, my work includes, amongst other things:

  • make the software developments, wither in-house or outsourced, measurable, repeteable and auditable.
  • ensure that the software developed is modularizable, in order to reduce the amount of developments’ technical debt as well as their Time-to-Market.
  • create approaches and tools which enable a sustainable pace of development, which can also scale as the number of applications to support grows.

I’ve found only a few blogs out there which talk about software engineering from this perspective so, in addition to trying to fill the gap, I would also like to write about how we have approached several software problems at work: build processes, testing, continuous delivery, log, software reuse, Spring, Java, QA…

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My idea is not to theorize from an ivory tower, or a blog, for argument’s sake, but to get down to the ground and write about what has worked out for us and what has not.

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